Saturday, February 8, 2014


I decided to sell the first ever artwork with which I started my so called underground artistic career back in 2010. I am talking about the Snake Seal design made for ACHERONTAS (all rights reserved for Acherontas!!!). Although it was created under the brand of HATRED ENGINE GRAPHICS I decided some time ago that this design fits with the visions of VÆNVS OBSCVRA because of it's message and essence. So now the original drawing is up for sale and NOT the rights for the design! The drawing made in pencil/graphite is on a 42/42 cm high quality paper. However, it's not framed so no glass either because this will make shipping/transport a very difficult business and I want to avoid the damaging of the artwork itself if the glass would shatter. I am not taking any risks.

For those of you that are interested in more details, price, shipping methods, etc, please email me at:


Snake Seal artwork detail

Snake Seal artwork detail 2

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Remnants of the past year manifesting through sound, vision and spores

The first post of 2014 is about a project done sometime in 2013. I don't know exactly when and I don't care much since it is the hallucinating experience that matters. I hope you will feel a bit what I felt when I worked with SEMILANCEATA (Swe) by tuning in to it's obnoxiously surreal, terrifying and psychedelic sounds.

My pencil stopped on the mossy paper growing from the cold woods, invading my personal space through the means of fog and moisture, dew and puddles full of tadpoles consuming the corpse of a bearded old man. His fish-like eyes are staring at the canopy and soon after the slow dehydration, after the change of water and soil, the mushrooms strangled him the same way they did with my wrists and brain.

Mushroom head inlay

Old Man Garlic inlay

The Papaver somniferum Demon that some of you are familiar with for some time now

The CD's are on their way here from Sweden. Hopefully they won't be devoured by mold that infected them by the hands of the producer himself! I would opt for meeting him in the flesh sometime...Spores will enter the headphones and a tundra shall replace my lungs.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Black Journals - Golden Sabbat

The two long awaited journals are finally out! An now I can reveal the artwork I did for both 'SABBATICA - The Seas of Death and the Arcana of Deathbringer' and for 'PILLARS II - The Golden Eitr'.

The Snake WitchCross 

This drawing was made for my friend and Brother Ash Nostro Morg for his article 'Falx of  Sarusemjaza-Malestiel' featured in Pillars II - The Golden Eitr. The concepts behind this drawing and the technique used have made possible other artistic manifestations on paper which now form a small series that combine the Animal, Green and Mineral Kingdoms. The pips of the Apple Demon were sown on the canvas and watered with ink and blood, thus forming, creating like a pebble thrown into the pond the all too alike ripples that are so similar but still so different.These drawings will be presented to the public as soon as I get the chance.

Our fruitful collaboration wasn't the only one presented in this journal. For the first time ever, from an illustrator's point of view I set foot on the Paths of African mysticism guided by the hand of Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold.

The Ancient Vertebræs 

Working on this drawing was hard. Many pieces of paper were torn and it took a lot of time to complete. I have no idea why. Perhaps it was just a mental block fortified by new visions on this sublime African Cosmology. But in the end it all turned out really good.
It is an honor for me and a big achievement to have worked together with Nicholaj and it feels good that he has chosen me and found my skills worthy for representing graphically a part of his vision. This drawing now belongs to Nicholaj.

Besides the fact that I can call him trusted friend and Brother, the other amazing things he gave me was wisdom through his books. 'EXU & The Quimbanda of Night and Fire' dragged me through caves of red hot coals while in chains, pulled by the legions of Exus laughing with scorn! And by an unforgettable gift - 'Serpent Songs' - I was taken in the night sky on the spells of Traditional Witchcraft! Thank you!

The body of this superb journal is composed of the works of writers and artists that are worth mentioning:

Now, moving on to the next: SABBATICA. The first artwork I want to present here is the one I made for Edgar Kerval. He requested my services so his article 'The Crown Of Black Thorns: Explorations and Invocations of our Holy Mother Death' could have a visual representation also. 

La Santa Muerte

This artwork is now FOR SALE and if anyone is interested about price, shipping and more, please contact me any time, be it through email or through the Facebook page. 

The image looks a bit different here than the original artwork due to the scanning processes and a few digital adjustments so here are a few details of the 'La Santa Muerte' drawing:

The other artwork I presented for SABBATICA was the one requested by S Ben Qayin for his text 'Dead but Dreaming,The Arte Of Necromancy And The Calling Of The Fallen'. 

Necromantic Triangle and Circle

I used a different technique here, something more experimental and it turned out OK. The pencil was replaced with a really thin marker and some inks. Also I can hardly wait to receive SABBATICA so I can see for myself how my artwork looks like printed on it's pages but also to read the interesting articles. Quite curious what S Ben Qayin has to offer and see where the Old Ones have guided him with this work.

The 'Necromantic Triangle and Circle' is also FOR SALE. Like I mentioned earlier, contact me for details. 

Here are some pictures of the journal. I think they look fantastic!

My artwork 'La Santisima Muerte' inside Sabbatica journal

Inside the journal

The list of the contributors - talented brothers and sisters. Blessings!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

XIII Crooked Paths

AEON SOPHIA PRESS will be hosting artwork by VÆNVS OBSCVRA in the first edition of the journal 'THE 13th PATH'. I am glad that I got the opportunity to present my artwork together with so many gifted artists! Many thanks and blessings to AEON SOPHIA PRESS for giving me this chance to participate!

Also, there are some fantastic news from ANATHEMA Publishing. I believe the pictures above says it all.

What I am also excited about is this special incense blend created by Xonia from TEUFELSKUNST for the contributors of PILLARS II - The Golden Eitr. This journal is something worth waiting for! Go get it! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unveiling the second Pillar

Soon, VÆNVS OBSCVRA will reveal some artwork that was created for two articles in Pillars Periodical Journal. The second volume of the journal is now available for pre-ordering! I can hardly wait to get my copy and see what those gifted artists and writers came up with! More information about the journal HERE. AVE!


It all happened in the Tower of Silence after the vultures of Black Fire consumed the vessels and the Seeds were spilled in the 3 Rivers, accumulating beneath (or above) the Void. And thus, the Fruit of the conjoined limbs of DARK BUDDHA RISING and VÆNVS OBSCVRA was made manifest.











Dark Buddha Rising - Dakhmandal

I was not the only one that did artwork for this album. V.A. the guitarist/vocalist of DARK BUDDHA RISING made some outstanding ritual circles that are presented on the other side of the inner sleeves of the album. You can see them in the photos below.

Ritual circles made by V.A. of DARK BUDDHA RISING, Photo by SVART RECORDS

A detailed picture of the Dakhmandal album LP version, photo by SVART RECORDS

The LP was sent to me by V.A. and I received it this morning. What a pleasant surprise! But it was not the only one. I noticed that the logo on the LP box-set was created in a style much familiar to me. It is the hand of the artist Costin Chioreanu, a good friend of mine, who runs TWILIGHT13 MEDIA.
Costin and I talked about an artistic collaboration many times but we never got the chance to do it, and now it happened unwillingly. Really cool! Three artists with three different styles. 

Logo made by Costin Chioreanu of TWILIGHT13 MEDIA on the LP box-set of D.B.R.


Saturday, April 6, 2013


I decided to move the Serpent Seal design, that I created for ACHERONTAS some years ago, from the banner of HATRED ENGINE GRAPHICS, to VÆNVS OBSCVRA, to be placed under it's sulfurous wines. The reason for this change is that artwork concerning the Divine, the Sacred, must not merge with the mundane, with art that was dedicated to the Underground Metal and Punk scene who's sometimes shallow themes spin around childish mentality and behavior.

The funny thing is that HATRED ENGINE GRAPHICS made it's debut with this piece of art. I launched the artistic project officially after ACHERONTAS started using the seal. I waited for this to happen because they were the first band that asked for my services and this was the gate through which my other drawings could pass on to the public. Of course, those other drawings were meant to be on the covers of demo's for Death and Black Metal bands, especially in that period.

It seems that VÆNVS OBSCVRA wanted to manifest itself three years ago but it didn't have the base for that. Simply put, I find that HATRED ENGINE GRAPHICS is not a worthy vessel for such art. As time passed, I realized that my style was changing, something new was growing just like two plants that are not compatible in the same pot. And it was beginning to show which one was strangling the other. For a better understanding of what I am saying, just look at the old version and the new one of the H.E.G. logos/banners.

Now, the Serpent Seal artwork is officially under the name of VÆNVS OBSCVRA. No changes were made in the deal with ACHERONTAS. The seal is still theirs - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

There will be a lot of artwork revealed soon, all of which were done in the year 2013. This period of silence doesn't mean I was inactive. Some projects take a lot of time and they are just like seeds germinating peacefully, grow, until it's time to reveal the harvest.

Two of my artworks will be seen this Summer in PILLARS II - "The Golden Eitr" (Vol.I Issue 2, Summer Solstice MMXIII). I would like to thank Gabriel McCaughry of ANATHEMA PUBLISHINGS for this opportunity and to congratulate him for his first issue, but, mostly I want to thank Ash Nostro Morg and Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold for choosing me to do artwork for their amazing articles! Benisons Brothers!

A little demo of the art for Ash Nostro Morg's article

I also have two more drawings done for SABBATICA, the occult journal that will be released in May, this year. Artwork was done for Edgar Kerval and S Ben Qayin. I hope they will have success with the release of the journal's first issue! 

Until further notice, I will leave you in the company of Acherontas's audio ritual! Ave TIAMAT!